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O2Couture’s designer filter face mask is a functional respiratory filter mask used to prevent the spread of disease and viruses with an aesthetic design on the cover.

These face masks are great for use by people traveling where germs are transferred abundantly and where one’s health is exposed and unprotected.
• Planes
• Trains
• Buses
• Other public avenues

This attractive design is appealing to the public eye and allows versatility in various health conscious industries.
• Dentistry
• Nail Salons
• Hospitals and Clinics
• University Campuses
• and more!

We are confident that with these fashionable and healthy features that the O2Couture face mask offers, it will soon prevent people from contracting and spreading dangerous communicable diseases everywhere they travel, near and far.



On October 1, 2014, my mother was diagnosed with Grade III, Stage IIA, Triple-negative breast cancer. Hearing the words come out of my mom’s mouth stopped time. I remember feeling a weight press down on my heart and in that moment I struggled to find even the smallest word of response. Of my 22 years of life, it never once occurred to me that cancer would affect my mother. MY mother. She is that woman in my life who is indestructible — unbelievably strong, intelligent, healthy and remarkably beautiful. Her beauty is what got to me the most. But she is so beautiful

I remember saying in my head over and over, devastated at the thought that she would lose all of her hair. It seems ridiculous that I would dwell on such a perhaps shallow thought, but it’s true. Coming to terms with an irreversible diagnosis was bad enough yet I also had to accept that my mom’s physical appearance would change drastically as well.

Fast forward 2 months, chemotherapy was well in its course and the hair loss, the constant feeling of weakness, and nausea kicked in full gear. My brother and I attended to my mom, driving or flying to Northern California, as much as we could — my brother never missed a Monday chemo. It wasn’t until several months later that my mom felt the strength to travel herself. Not just physical strength, but her literal health. As some may know, one of the many side effects of chemo is a weakened immune system. And as most of you should know, an airplane is not the best place to test a weak immune system. According to the CDC, tuberculosis, meningococcal disease, measles, and the flu are all possible in-flight transmitted communicable diseases. Taking all of this into consideration, we prepared accordingly. She got the OK from her doctor to travel short distances, we boosted her vitamins, antioxidants, and greens that she could possibly fit in those protein smoothies she made daily, and lastly, we stocked her purse with face masks. Seeing my mom wear a mask through the airport was unsettling. It screamed “BEWARE!” I am unsure of how or when the face mask stigma began, but I did not like the look on my mom, nor the looks she received from bystanders.

It was in this moment that my family decided there Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetneeded to be change. We wanted to create something that would protect my mom’s health as well as her morale. With mental, physical destruction and a compromised immune system, we did not want her to compromise her sense of style along with it! With the help of our new mask, it doesn’t need to be this way. Our mask smiles back at you and seeks positive attention, in sickness or health!

Loving daughter,
Manami Masters